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Bamboo Skewers and Food Picks
-for berbeque and catering-
Cakepicks and Toothpicks
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Wooden sticks&Bamboo sticks
-For ice cream-
Bamboo skin&pine 、Other

Bamboo Chopsticks
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Izumo myth and Bamboo chopsticks
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Our company was introduced by English magazine.2007.9.3
(published by Japan Economic Foundation)

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Why choose Izumo Chikuzai’s bamboo skewers

1. - Splinter free -
Bamboo skewers have many fiber in their body , Sometimes appear to split on the Surface .
Our products have taken away the problem .Check it by your hand .

2. - Mold free -
The bamboo fiber have many moisture .If it is not complete to remove , the bamboo may be molded .
Our products are completely wet free and dried .

3. - Nature raw materials with additive free -
Our materials are from Chinese bamboo forest .Somebody call it “the sea of Bamboo “ .
We do not use any additives to make them .It uses a real nature raw material .

4. - Various sizes and shapes -
We have many shapes of bamboo skewers , including rounded , squared , pointed , no pointed , short/long in length .
You can choose them whatever you would like .

5. – Decorative -
Food with beautiful bamboo picks make your guests satisfy .
For western food , chinese food , japanese food , BBQ ,confectionary

6. – Clean -
Our factory has got a certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality management system .
All the products are produced at the hygienic production line.

Our company is managing it aiming at the carbon neutral.

A part of factory electric power is provided with photovoltaics for earth resources protection.

The products are delivered with the natural gas-fueled vehicle gentle to earth environment.

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